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Fundraising Services for Non-profits & Charities


However noble your charity’s cause is or how well-regarded your nonprofit organization may be, it’s virtually impossible to advance your mission without funds. Unfortunately, many non-profits and charities fail to succeed in their missions because they lack the capabilities or relationships to raise the crucial funds they need. That is where Emboss LLC comes in. We help you turn your contacts into fundraising partnerships to help you make an impression in your community.

As we approach nearly two decades of experience of providing fundraising services for nonprofits and charities, we’ve learned that it requires more than money to be successful.

Leveraging our expertise providing fundraising services to nonprofits and charities, we’ve learned that success requires more than just money. Sustained success is a product of having the right people in the right positions at the right times.

Emboss LLC can help your organization develop a winning fundraising team so that you can focus on your programming, development, and core activities. Our fundraising services for non-profits and charities will help you find and position the best people for:

  • Chair/Honoree Selection & Management

  • Corporate & Donor Solicitation

  • Leadership Advisory & Board Cultivation

  • Networking & Recruitment

  • Volunteer Training & Development

  • Revenue Generation Best Practices

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